• Fractures of the upper extremity
  • Fractures of the lower extremity
  • We specialize in pelvis and acetabular (hip joint) injuries and fractures
  • All traumatic injuries of the arms and legs
  • All necessary services and skills to treat nonunions (fractures that did not heal, with or without broken hardware) and malunions (crooked bones)
  • We also have extensive expertise in limb and length deformities
  • We are the premier center to provide pediatric orthopaedic and trauma care and evaluations.
  • We mainly see pediatric patients at The Family Heath Center at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center

               Pediatric Orthopaedic Center

               Family Health Center

               1770 North Orange Grove Avenue, Suite 210

               Pomona, CA 91767

               Phone: (909) 865-9839

               Fax: (909) 630-7320


  • Arthritis of the hips
  • Arthritis of the knees
  • Revision (redo) surgery of the hips and knees

Arthritis Of The Joints

Conditions We Treat

Pediatric Orthopaedics

  • Knee pain
  • Hip pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Meniscus and ligament injuries of the knee and shoulder
  • Ankle pain
  • Cartilage injuries of the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and ankle

Athletic Injuries