Ryan Miller, MD

Orthopedic Hand Surgery

Dr. Miller is a board-certified, orthopaedic-trained hand surgeon interested in all aspects of hand surgery. A California native, he completed college at the University of California, Irvine before relocating to the Midwest for medical school and residency. Following orthopaedic residency as a Cornhusker at the University of Nebraska, Dr. Miller returned to Southern California for a Hand & Upper Extremity Fellowship at Loma Linda University for additional microvascular and reconstructive training of the upper extremity. His particular interests include complex hand, wrist, and elbow deformity and trauma, nerve and tendon repair, arthroscopy, and wide-awake surgery with local anesthesia.

Dr. Miller emphasizes shared decision-making when developing treatment plans and will only pursue surgery for conditions refractory to nonoperative treatment, and which is supported by medical literature. When surgery is indicated, he will use wide-awake, local anesthesia, and no tourniquet (WALANT) technique, whenever possible.

In his free time, Dr. Miller enjoys spending time with his family, coaching, hiking, and cooking.

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