Shoulder Conditions

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint with an exceptional range of motion – in fact, it is the most flexible joint in our bodies. However, with that flexibility comes the potential for injury. Shoulder injuries can range from very mild in the case of minor tendinitis or bursitis to severe cases requiring surgery – like rotator cuff tears, fractures, or degeneration due to arthritis.

For many patients with minor to moderate shoulder problems, lifestyle change and conservative treatment options such as medication and physical therapy are the first courses of action. These nonsurgical options can significantly improve quality of life and reduce pain.

However, longer-term, if the pain and disability remain, surgery may be the best option. Many procedures can be performed in a minimally invasive or arthroscopic manner. A consultation with a qualified orthopedic surgeon is the next step to understanding your treatment options. Visit the links below to learn more about common conditions and treatments for shoulder injury and degeneration:

Shoulder Treatments

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