Outpatient Same Day Joint Replacement

What is a Total Joint Arthroplasty?

A total joint arthroplasty, or joint replacement surgery, consists in removing the damaged layer of cartilage on both ends of a joint and replacing it with plastic, metal or ceramic to improve movement and alleviate pain. Joint pain affects 1 in 4 Americans every year, or about 14 million people[1]. While most adults with joint pain suffer from arthritis, trauma and fractures can also lead to persistent joint pain. Every year, about 53,000 people undergo total shoulder arthroplasty, or shoulder replacement and 900,000 people have a knee or hip replaced[2] in the United States.

In the past, having a joint replaced meant many days in the hospital, but that is no longer the case. Most patients go home the same day after the procedure if they meet certain health criteria. During your pre-operative appointment, your surgeon will talk about all the treatment options and determine if a same day, outpatient procedure is appropriate for you.

 Going Home

After surgery, you will be discharged home once your pain is controlled and you are able to walk in the hospital. Our team of surgeons and PAs will check on you to make sure you are ready to go home. If you feel that your home environment is not conducive to your recovery, a case manager or hospital social worker can help find a placement for a short stay at a rehabilitation center. Physical therapy (PT) should start immediately after the procedure. We will provide you with a list of exercises to do at home until you are able to meet with a physical therapist.

Once you are home, our team will follow up with you within two weeks to ensure you are healing and on the road to recovery. Our office will be available to answer any questions that arise between your surgery and your follow up appointment. We also provide a comprehensive FAQ list regarding total joint replacement for your convenience.

We use a multi-modal approach to control the pain, and the medications are tailored to your needs. We strongly encourage our patients to take the medications as prescribed, since pain can hinder (PT) efforts. After surgery, continuous PT will aid in reducing inflammation and swelling, as well as strengthening the joint and improving movement. Since many patients who choose to undergo a total joint replacement often suffer for years before the procedure, the rehabilitation process can take some time. Do not be discouraged. PT will help strengthen the muscles that have weakened, or atrophied, and it will also help regain the motion that was lost due to chronic injury.

 Schedule Your Appointment

Total joint replacement technology and techniques have been honed and improved over the years, and our surgeons at Premier Orthopaedics perform hundreds of total joint replacements every year. To contact us and schedule a consultation to discuss joint replacement options, please call us or fill out our convenient contact form.


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